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Safety On A Scene

When someone comes across a scene where a death or trauma has occurred, there are some serious hazards that could be present and require the proper safety steps. All of the possible hazards don’t even account for any emotional stresses that will likely be experienced.

Disposable gloves are the first line of defense, but the next articles of PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) include items like booties, respirators and coverall suits. There are also proper steps that need to be followed in the handling of body fluid/blood, from how to clean it up, proper disposal as well as how to properly disinfect the scene.

With all of these concerns, it is easy to see why there is a need for professionals to handle the scene and make it safe again. OSHA Guidelines need to be followed and the removal of the materials can be quite daunting. Calling on Diligent Decon is the smartest way to ensure your safety, physically and emotionally, of all involved in addressing a scene where a death or trauma has occurred.

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