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Trauma Scene Cleanup

When you are facing a situation that involves a physical trauma, keep in mind what the company has to offer. These are our main focus.

• Friendly Service - When you call DILIGENT DECONTAMINATION you will be greeted by a warm, friendly service advisor who is there to listen to your concerns and arrange your appointment to meet you at your convenience.

• Professional, Courteous & Discrete - Our service vehicles are unmarked and we will take every step possible to avoid bringing unwanted attention to the scene. We understand professionalism and you will find that the technicians of DILIGENT DECONTAMINATION take appearance and grace seriously. We are respectful of the situation and will treat you as we would hope to be treated.

• No Sticker Shock - DILIGENT DECONTAMINATION will work with your insurance company, as depending on your insurance coverage, they could cover the cost of trauma scene cleanup, minus any deductible, as the work is considered a biohazard remediation. We can also work within a payment plan if needed. We provide free and accurate estimates. We will offer to go over the steps we will perform with you if you choose to have us do so.

• Quality - When we are finished cleaning the scene, we will review it with you to ensure that it meets your expectations. We won't leave until you are beyond satisfied with our work. We are thorough and diligent about making sure that the scene is back to a healthy state before we leave.

• What We Need To Know When You Call - When you call us, we really only need a few things:

  1. Your Name & Phone Number,

  2. The Address Of The Scene,

  3. A Very Brief Description Of The Service You Need Us To Provide

  4. What Time You Would Like Us To Be At The Scene. In most cases, we are available and requested to report right away to perform a trauma scene cleanup.

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