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Virus Disinfection & Decontamination Application Services.


Virus Decontamination has to be done by experts in order to ensure that the end result is a healthy and safe scene.  DILIGENT DECONTAMINATION uses a hospital grade disinfectant which is stronger than the common disinfectants you can find at local stores.  We can address viruses & diseases such as MRSA, Hepatitis, HIV, Staph and the other viruses you could face in a property.


Many times our virus decontamination services are required after the passing of a loved one who was sick.  When we are requested in these types of situations, we are professional, diligent and discrete.  Our experts understand the importance of doing our work quickly, while still ensuring it is done properly and with compassion for the loss felt at this time.


Other circumstances that we are requested to involve a family member or co-worker who has contracted a contagious virus and the areas they have been in contact with need to be decontaminated to ensure the safety of other family members or co-workers within the office.  When DILIGENT DECONTAMINATION performs virus decontamination in these situations, our experts are extremely thorough and take all of the proper steps to ensure that the end result of the property is healthy and safe.


All of our technicians take the required vaccines and shots to help protect them from the viruses we decontaminate.  In addition, all of our technicians are properly insured and use all of the required OSHA safety protection equipment.  These steps protect you from any concerns if one of them should contract anything while performing your virus decontamination.

We provide our services 24/7 with no extra charges for nights, weekends or holidays.  When you need us, call us and we will deploy to your scene.  We are located in South Carolina, and we service the entire Palmetto State.  We also provide No Hassle, FREE Estimates and can bill directly to your insurance company.  If insurance coverage is not available to you, we can bill you and work with you on a payment plan if necessary.

Contact us now for immediate service and your call will be answered by the same technician that will perform your work.  There are no 800 numbers and no automated operators to filter your call.  You get the personal level of expert & compassionate service you'd expect in this situation.  Call DILIGENT DECONTAMINATION now to get any of your questions answered and get your virus decontamination service started!

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