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You May Not Need To Toss It All Out

Not everything has to disposed of in these situations. Despite what might be said, in these types of circumstances, not everything in a room is a biohazard. The only things that are at risk are the items that have been in contact with blood or body fluid. These items, depending on the material or surface, many times can be decontaminated as well, meaning your possessions can be saved. In addition, the items disposed of will be done so in the proper way, following DHEC & OSHA Standards.

While referrals can be helpful, you should always ask questions and get help from family when reviewing an estimate from a company. Look for a pricing breakdown and line by line accounting for each line item. They should be able to explain their process and how they handle the items needing to be disposed.

At Diligent Decon, we specialize in what we do and will always give you as much explanation as you need so you feel comfortable that we are the right choice to help you and your family in this trying moment. We pride ourselves in our business practices and really do this work to help families. Trust us in your time of need.

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