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Pet Odor Remediaton

It’s a common problem, cat and dog urine odor. These accidents can generally be handled by spot cleaning. At times you can even use a carpet cleaning machine to address these problem spots. All of this sounds good, right?

Well, sometimes it’s not that easy. Cat and dog urine can get beyond the fabrics that make the carpet and reach the bottom of the carpet. From there, these urine stains can reach the carpet pad under the surface carpet and even all the way to the subfloor. When this is the case, spot cleaning won’t get it all, along with carpet cleaning machines. In fact, carpet cleaning can bring old urine odors back and make them appear even stronger. Heat can also play a role in the odors returning.

In these common situations, the only solution to really remove the odor is to remove the carpet, remove the carpet pad and use a vapor sealant on the subfloor. You can treat all of the visible trouble spots on the subfloor, or be more cautious and thorough by applying the sealant over the entire subfloor. Not sealing the subfloor and just replacing the carpet will result in the odor still coming back. Follow the vapor sealant with an Odor Counteractant and run an Odor Remediation Machine that scrubs the air. We prefer a Hydroxyl Machine.

Diligent Decontamination does all of this and uses equipment that isn’t harmful to people, plants and pets. Our machines can work on scrubbing the air while you’re present, so you won’t have to evacuate your home. Whether you’re a landlord, property manager, real estate agent, selling your home or just moving in, contact us and allow us to give you a free estimate.

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