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How To File An Insurance Claim For Cleanup, From Denied to Approved

The majority of insurance coverage most homeowners have will cover the costs of cleanup from a trauma event like suicide, homicide and unattended death. The reasons the coverage is applicable is because these scenes are biohazards. With the coverage, not only will the cost of the cleanup be covered, but any repair work required as well. The only exception to this is a named perils policy.

The key is how the claim is filed. Using the correct terminology will likely determine whether you will be covered or not. The term you want to use is Biohazard Cleanup. It is common that clients are told they aren’t covered, only to find out that once we contact the provider and use terms like biohazard and structure damage, our client is in fact covered.

Using Diligent Decon will not only result in a high level of service and trusted result, but you also will benefit from our experience in dealing with insurance companies and know that we will work tirelessly to make sure that every financial safeguard available to you is used.

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