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Hoarding Cleanup in South Carolina

Hoarding is a condition that can harm not only the hoarder, but family and friends as well. The property can quickly become unsafe and be a real hazard for anyone to enter it, let alone live within the structure. These conditions require a hoarding cleanup and choosing the right company to do it is important.

DILIGENT DECONTAMINATION has dealt with all types of hoarding situations. We have heard some of the frustrations that others have experienced when working with other hoarding companies and we formed our practice with solutions to these frustrations in mind. These practices have brought us contact by television networks to perform our services on TV, due to our reputation and the quality of our work. We have turned these down however, because we believe to truly help the hoarder and family out, we need to avoid those types of situations.

Visit our website to discover how we address families in need of this service.

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