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Keeping Your Cleanup Scene Private

When it comes to professionalism, one of our definitions is that we keep your privacy. We don't post pictures of the scenes we clean and we don't discuss the scenes we are heading to either. To us, these times are hard on those left behind and to exploit that for our own purposes is not just unprofessional, but it is in poor taste as well. Sure, the other companies that do post these pictures probably asked and received permission from the grieving family to do so, but does that really make it okay? We say no.

In Georgia not too long ago, this topic became a real issue. A company who says they received permission, took pictures of their crew in their clients home, wearing some of their clothes and more. Is that something you think a family member will be happy to see in the weeks ahead? Again, we say no.

Upstart companies use these pictures and notices of jobs their on to promote their business. It may seem minor, but put yourself in this scenario, you have a family member who has been tragically killed by an acquaintance. Sure, this will likely bring the local news into the picture. Now as a family member of the victim, you are dealing with tons of emotions. Law enforcement or the coroner suggest a company or list of companies to perform the cleanup of the scene. You naturally trust this list, as do those who gave it to you. But weeks later, anyone doing an internet search finds pictures of the scene inside the house. Pictures of the blood from the scene and what is the caption you may find? "Helping those in need" or "Happy to serve those who need help". Does that really sound sincere? Do you feel good about who you hired? We say no.

These usually aren't posted on their website, but instead on their Facebook Page or some other type of social media. They are trying to drive more business this way. Expect more. The family should expect more. The law enforcement community should expect more. You deserve more. These practices are cheap and it is okay to expect more, so do.

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