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Local Crime Scene Cleanup

Crime Scene Cleanup - Diligent Decon

When you are faced with the need to have a crime scene cleanup service provided, you are likely to be faced with the option of using a national company or a local company. Let's look into this choice.

Most people don't even realize that companies exist that provide crime scene cleanup. The assumption that is common is that law enforcement or some other public official provides this service. The facts are that it is rare that a crime scene will be cleaned by law enforcement or any other public official. While they may not provide this service, many times they can provide you with a list of companies that will provide the service for you. This is when you will have to decide who to go with.

First off, the list provided to you will likely include national companies, restoration and disaster companies, typical cleaning companies and finally, local crime scene cleanup companies. You're decision is really between the national crime scene cleanup company and the local one. Disaster and restoration companies as well as typical cleaning companies aren't really the wise choice, especially if the scene includes any blood or body fluids that need to be cleaned. These companies are great in there speciality, but this isn't one of their typical specialties.

Now you're down to choosing from a national company and a local one. In most cases, the local company will have a quicker response time. Typically, the local company won't subcontract the work to a different company, which is how the national company can cover the United States. Typically, the local company won't have hidden costs that cover their travel and referral fees. Local companies don't have these costs and therefore don't have to pass them on to their client.

An additional item to consider is the franchise company that seems local. Sure, the franchise brand with the name recognition is owned by someone in your area and has an office in your area. The local franchise employs people in your area and is likely involved in your community. The downside to the franchise is that they have franchise fees, they have advertising costs and they have profit percentages that are due back to the corporate office. All of these fees are passed on to the client, causing you to have a higher bill.

In the end, don't fall for the typical assumption that national companies and franchises are better because they are bigger or run commercials you've seen. Typically, you don't get who you think you've hired, the costs are higher and the work is not as good. It also is common that the work they provide is well above what is really required, especially if they are billing your insurance directly. It isn't uncommon at all to experience costs the are three to four times higher than the work that is actually required.

When you are faced with the need of a crime scene cleanup, take a moment and really think about who you want to hire. Choose a company that is really local, that is properly insured and qualified and ultimately has a real commitment to your community.

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