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Domino Effect of Murder

The Mess Of Murder: Who Cleans It Up?

The Domino Effect Of Murder Podcast

Holly DuBois, owner of Diligent Decontamination, is the featured guest on this episode of "Domino Effect Of Murder", hosted by Jan Canty, PhD.

First responders have nothing to do with cleaning up a residence or business after a murder. Who does it, then? What are the risks to a property owner to do it themselves? What is the usual cost to have it professionally done? Are there federal laws that apply? Why is special equipment needed and why? How long can it take? Listen as we discuss these and other questions from the owner of a crime scene cleanup company.

CRIME: Heroes And Villians

The F-Suite Magazine

Holly DuBois, owner of Diligent Decontamination, is one of the featured business owners in this issue of The F-Suite Magazine, Empowering Females In Business. The article is by Madeleine Wagner and photos by Valery Taylor Smith.

Diligent Decontamination built its reputation on doing the dirty work with dignity, diligence and discretion.

F-Suite Magazine
Columbia Regional Business Report

Couple Becomes Own Bosses With Crime Scene Service

Columbia Business Report

Holly DuBois, owner of Diligent Decontamination, is featured in this article from the Columbia Regional Business Report.  The article is by Chris Cox.

Holly DuBois can’t help but get goose bumps as she recalls the hand-written thank you letters she has received over the past year.

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