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Ebola Disinfection Application Services.




Diligent Decon offers effective services to help you with applying disinfectant in your offices, workspaces, commercial establishments, schools and homes throughout all of South Carolina.  We use products from the EPA Approved Disinfectant List for Ebola.  We specifically use products from Diversey, a global company that is also based out of South Carolina, like us.  We use these products in a spray form, allowing them direct contact to hard surfaces without the possibility of cross contamination.  It is important to understand that it is often impractical to disinfect every inch of a hard surface in a large office or residential building.  When there is a known or suspected coronavirus contamination, we concentrate disinfection on high-touch areas and heavily-trafficked common areas that are generally at 6 feet of height and lower, including: 


  •     Door Knobs & Drawer Handles 

  •     Light Switches & Chairs

  •     Elevators and Call Buttons 

  •     Restrooms 

  •     Drinking Fountains 

  •     Cafeterias & Break Rooms

  •     Conference Rooms 

  •     Offices & Desks 


After we apply this first wave of disinfectant, we allow the dwell of 10 minutes to pass.  After this dwell time, we use microfiber towels to wipe down these high-touch items and remove the biofilm that is common on these frequently touched items and areas.  In addition to this step, we run a hydroxyl machine that addresses any airborne particles.  The next step in our process is to utilize a spray/mist application to coat all items in the open, all surfaces and all walls with  our disinfectant.  Finally, we apply the disinfectant to the floor at a setting appropriate for the required dwell time of 10 minutes.  We allow these rounds of disinfectant application to air dry, exceeding the requirement of 10 minutes.  Depending on the HVAC in the space, air drying can take 2-4 hours.  Additionally, the disinfectant is wet and not food grade.  Paper may curl due to the application, food will need to be washed or disposed of and food service items will need to be washed as well.


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