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Biohazard Cleanup - Diligent Decon - 24_7 Local Biohazard Cleanup & Decontamination In SC.


Decomposition Scene or Unattended Death Scene Cleanups are generally covered by a homeowners policy, with your only out of pocket expenses for the cleanup being the policy deductible.


Decomposition Cleanup is many times considered a biohazard removal service, especially if there are any blood or body fluids present, and should be treated with great caution.  The pathogens that are associated in these types of scenes are considered biohazard waste and therefore should be disposed in the same processes as medical waste.  This means that you shouldn't just throw out the items that have been in contact with these pathogens, but instead adhere to the South Carolina DHEC Standards when disposing of medical waste from a decomposition cleanup.  At DILIGENT DECONTAMINATION, we have the processes and qualifications to properly dispose of medical waste in our state.  We also follow the OSHA Standards with regards to personal protection equipment and the required steps when working within potentially hazardous conditions.  In addition, we can take care of any decomposition or odor present at the scene immediately.

We provide our services 24/7 with no extra charges for nights, weekends or holidays.  When you need us, call us and we will deploy to your scene.  We are located in South Carolina, and we service the entire Palmetto State.  We also provide No Hassle, FREE Estimates and can bill directly to your insurance company.  In most cases, depending on your coverage, your insurance will cover our billing, minus any deductible your coverage requires.  If insurance coverage is not available to you, we can bill you and work with you on a payment plan if necessary.


As a private citizen or business owner in need of a decomposition cleanup, you need to understand that the waste and any effected items shouldn’t be disposed of like normal garbage.  Doing so puts you and the handlers of this waste in the future at risk.  This waste is a biohazard and needs to be dealt with as medical waste, meaning it must be properly removed, secured, labeled and disposed of per both DHEC and OSHA Standards.  In addition, you must wear the proper protection equipment to keep you and/or your employees safe while performing the cleanup.  All of these requirements are why it is just safer and less complicated to use DILIGENT DECONTAMINATION to perform your decomposition cleanup.

Contact us now for immediate service and your call will be answered by the same technician that will perform your work.  There are no 800 numbers and no automated operators to filter your call.  You get the personal level of expert & compassionate service you'd expect in this situation.  Call us now to get any of your questions answered and get your decomposition cleanup service started!

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