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Decomposition Cleanup Services

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Unattended deaths are an unfortunate reality that can happen anywhere, including South Carolina. When someone passes away without anyone noticing for an extended period, the remains can decompose and create a hazardous environment for those who come into contact with the area. To safely and effectively clean up an unattended death in South Carolina, it is essential to seek the services of a professional cleanup company that specializes in trauma and biohazard cleanup.


Unattended death cleanup involves a number of steps. The first step is to remove items that may be contaminated. This includes any furniture or clothing that may have been in contact with the body or bodily fluids. The next step is to clean and disinfect the area where the body was found. This involves using specialized cleaning agents and equipment to remove any biological material and sanitize the area.

In South Carolina, we are the highest rated unattended death cleanup services company, who has the necessary equipment, training, and experience to handle the cleanup safely and efficiently. We follow strict protocols to ensure that the area is properly cleaned, disinfected, deodorized, and restored to a safe and habitable condition. Unattended death cleanup is a highly specialized field that requires training and experience.

In South Carolina, unattended death cleanup falls under the category of biohazard cleanup, which is regulated by the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (SCDHEC). The SCDHEC sets guidelines for handling and disposing of biohazardous materials to protect public health and safety.

Unattended death cleanup is a sensitive and necessary service in South Carolina. It requires specialized expertise and equipment to ensure that the area is properly disinfected, deodorized, and restored to a safe and habitable condition. By seeking the services of Diligent Decontamination, property owners can ensure that the cleanup is done safely and efficiently, giving them peace of mind and a safe environment to move forward.

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